About Us

1993, Soho, London.

Alison, fresh off the train from Glasgow and interviewing for her dream record company job, is introduced to Frances, a fun, bubbly Essex girl wearing denim hotpants and a huge smile.

Alison got the job, and a new friend too, who soon decides that this little Scottish girl with the funny surname should really be called Pickle. Much to Alison/Pickle’s dismay, the nickname stuck!

After a couple of rollercoaster decades of showbiz fun and frolics, Britpop and boybands were replaced by babies and businesses, and 25 years later Pickle and Frannie remain the best of friends. Inspired by their shared love of a good slogan sweatshirt, rainbow colours, and a desire to ‘give back’ and do some good, Pickle London was born.

Our aim is to create fun, gorgeous and quality clothes that make you smile,  are ethically produced and raise money for some great charities at the same time !